Sustainable versus fast fashion.

Hi Friends,

September 2016 I was visiting Premier Vision in Paris. What chocked me was the raise in wool price which was crazy. What also made me curious was all the substitutes for fibres like cotton and wool.

The business is suffering from many negative factors and the numbers of exhibitors at premiere Vision tends to decrease sadly enough. We cannot blame the Chinese and Koreans for cheap products anymore because something is about to change. They are huge in their research to invent fibers that can replace natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk.

Anyway, do we like the substitutes? Yes we should indeed, because we cannot go on using the land to grew cotton where we should grew vegetables or grain. We cannot continue consuming meat as we do today nor can we allow us to waste the resources we need to produce food. Cotton not only demand the best land, but it also demands an enormous amount of water during the production process.

The future will need fibres produced both syntheically and by fast grewing trees like bamboo. The research that is going on to develope these fibres are growing and we see an increasing use of tencel, cupro, and bamboo etc. The questions is, will these fibres stand the test against woll, silk, and cotton?

BambooYes, and I believe they already do. To create a long lasting fashion we need to look upon the industry from many different angles and by all means include the respect for the Earth it self.

Sustainable fashion will be depending on the quality and composition of the fibres. The conditions of the production such as the respect for the nature and pollution, but also the conditions for those who are working in the industry meaning, the human being.

Sustainable fashion will never succeed unless we understand the true scary fact that we are the one who suffer from our greedy way of wasting the true resourses on the Earth. These resourses are limited and once they´re gone.... Well U do the math...

So next time you step in to a store to by a new piece of garment, ask yourself: Do I really need this? You will be surprised how many times the answer is No.

The consumer today is aware of this reality and if you would like to sell to the client today you need to justify your product and its place on the market.


Kindest regards,