Process of a Chanel inspired passementerie.


Beeing asked to make a Chanelstyled jacket, I was facing a massive problem in finding a proper passementerie for the classic Chanel finish we whished for.

The first thing I had to do was to find components matching the jacket. In Sweden that can be a problem indeed.

However, being satisfied with the result I began to put together the components. I started with two identical lines of braids and I fixed them on a biais of cotton making it possible to shape curved lines later.

Secondly, I trimmed the braid with the golden string by sewing it on the braid by using a basting teknik.

Thirdly, I shaped each finnished passementerie depending on where on the jacket they were to be sewn onto.

To conclude the result I began to sew the two-line braid first and then sewed the top braid on top of the first one in order to obtain the final result.

Jacket finished

Jacket finished.

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