Paris next stop to your collection.


You simply can´t begin the work of a new collection without exploring the great textile fashion fairs in Paris. Paris my second …. no my first! hometown.. missing it so much… is the Capitale de la Mode no doubt and I love to spend a few weeks every year in this wonderful city. I found my favourite hotel in the 18th arr just behind Place Clichy and next door to Montmartre. I love it. It is a vibrant streetlife, lots of Restos and Cafées filled with exciting creative people….

Galerie Lafayette.


Spices at Galerie Lafayette.

The first thing I do when I have setted in to my cosy Hotel ( always the same room)is to explore the city. Galerie Lafayette is a must since you find more or less everything you need. The food hall is a colourful Eldorado. It is an inspiration to anyone who loves the perfume from spices, vegetables, fruits, bakery, excotic food from allover the world, or a glas of a good wine. As a designer, for me it is a passion walk up and down the streets in Marais pop in to an exciting exhibition at the Louvre  get an expresso in one of the many friendly cafees.

Montaigne Market on Avenue Montaigne is a true must visit. The store covers the upcoming fashion trends, an absolute source of inspiration to me.

Le Grand Vefour, Palais Royal.

Fbg Saint-Honore is a must as well as Palais Royal where I love to visit Dider Ludot a couture second hand way above the common level. I sincerely recommend a visit to this fashion landmark in Paris. When I am lucky to get a table…. , well a lunch at Le Grand Vefour is a must. Paris is full of anitique stores, auktionhouses, seconhand shops and fleemarkets turning Paris in to a meltingpoint for inspiration.

My favorite fleemarket in Paris is Saint-Ouen which is next to Porte de Clignancourt. You make them both on the same day, oh, try to stay on your budget there … 🙂 . It is impossibel to get bored in Paris. Strolling around  exploring the  open foodmarkets where you find local produced cheese, fruits, bakeries, vegetables, spices, meat, fish, flowers in a mix of colours that reminds you of a paintings by Monet is fantastic . It is a true pleasure, a balsam to your soul to spend time in this sensual surrondings of life. Just beeing there is healing-time and to have a glas of Chardonnay here is ….. mmm… what more ca you wish for? Here are a few of the markets to visit: Le Marche aux Fleurs

Le marche des Enfants Rouge, 3arr Metro Calvaire,
Le Marche de Belleville, 11arr, Metro Belleville ou Couronnes.
Le Marche Rue Levis 17 arr
Le Marche aux Fleurs, 4 arr Metro Cite. 

After a fantastic day in Paris I love to end the day at Le Fumoir, a cosy bar and restaurang just next door to Metro Louvre. The serve great food in a friendly athmosphere and if you are lucky you might get a table in the Library. I suggest however, you book in advance. During the fashionweeks  you can be sure you find  stylists , models, designers, actors taking a moment off with a glas of wine.

Enjoy your next trip to Paris. As a tourist or on a job, do not forget to live and let your soul feel free in the city that never sleeps….

All the best 🙂