The first impression is crucial. You have 20 sec. to make a intriguing impression. Remember, this first impression remains with the receiver. No matter what you try to fix later if something goes wrong the first time, the first impression will stay. "Appearance"  is the first step to success. To make the most of this first impression there are codes to follow whether you approve of it or not. Therefor I advice you to adapt these codes and when the meeting is over...hopefully you made it.

What I can do for you to help you to make a good longlasting impression, is to get your wardrobe prepared for the success. Should you continue to read you will understand.

Advices for women.

These are keypieces in your wardrobe:
Jacket, trousers, skirts, blouses, T-shirt/knitted tops, dresses, coat, shoes boots.

You need a skilled tailor, shoemaker and a excellent authorized dry cleaner.

1. Buy highquality and classic fashion: buy style instead of Fashion. Buy on sale if possible because it is smarter to choose quality on sale than ordinary quality to full price. Buying less garments but in higher quality is the most logic solution. By choosing high quality you show the environment your knowhow and are that you are willing to spend a bit more to look elegant.. no one needs to know you bought on sale...

2. Take good care of your wardrobe. When dry cleaning is requested  its necessary to follow the instructions on the carelabel you find inside the garment. Dry cleaning will not always remove deodorant and perfume therefor you should wear a T-shirt, camisole or similar under the jacket to avoid these problems  (deodorant leaves sometimes white trace in the armhole of the garment). You do not notice these aspects of deo and perfumes until you get really warm while wearing the garment. It is still possible to find armhole protectors which can be put in place by your tailor so you can remove them and wash them without needing to wash the dress/jacket. The best thing you can do is to hang the garment on your balcony or garden and allow the wind freshen up the garment.

3. Go for cleancut dresses in waterwashable textiles to economize your wardrobe. Will you need dresses for travelling make sure you can pack them without them beeing creased. Go for materials such as crepeblends, wool, jersey, viscoses, and tencel microfibres etc.

4. Trousers must be waterwashable! Do not even consider dry cleaning. It is without no doubt the only option, since a significant amount of women suffer from incontinence.

5. Beware of the fit. Never buy a garment too thight, it will make you look fat, sorry to say. To see a woman wearing a dress too thight is a true pain. She will look like a Micheline tyer. Looking like that is an intellectuel statemet that shows a proof of no knowledge about style and quality. You also easier get warmer in thight clothes.

6. Choose classic colors in your base wardrobe. Add seasonal colored accessories  such as scarves necklaces earrings simple tops, to update your look.

7. Take care of your shoes. There uncountable reasons for this. People notice your shoes. In Sweden there is a saying that goes: " Show me your shoes and I shall tell you who you are”. Buy good quality, and at least 5 pairs for your base wardrobe. Make sure heels are different in height. Do not forget shoetree, and make use of them all the time. A wellmade shoe should have an inbuilt support for the arch of the foot. If that support is excluded, use an inlay and protect your back/spine. Use shoes made from leather or new techmaterial that allow your feet to breathe or you will get int trouble with embarassing odeur. Ask your shoemaker to add a rubbersole to the frontpart of your shoes to protect them from raindamage.

For more advices and styling, your are most welcome to contact me.

Kindest regards,
Linda Carlén.
Master of bespoke tailoring.