We see the times fly and years add to years, we invent computers, cellphones,  etc. but we never give up on our denims.
The history of this great textile is amazing, dating from the 16th century in Genoa to Levi Strauss & Co. in the US upto todays universe of denim couture, highfashion, trendsetters, streetwear and much much more.

Denim to me is a never ending source of possibilities and I am here presenting a few of the styles I created out of denim.

My inspiration was  workwear, streetwear, and ordinary basics easy to wear. The original denimgarments were workwear such as overalls and trousers made by Levi Strauss & Co for the workers. Today brands of recognition are creating the most wonderful trendy artpieces from this basic workwear fabric. Have a look at G-Star, Dsquared…..

Grunge and Streetwear, is one of the best creating ways to find inspiration for collections especially in denim and sportswear. The everyday wear of no rules creates a boiling source of styles. The mix of clothes creates a contrast to the elegant fashion we see in the highend streets.

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