Designer, Master of bespoke tailoring, Cutter.

Design, Art, Music, Preforming arts, and the global mix of cultures are the main sources of inspiration to Linda Carlén. She combines in her design: timeless style,  strong feminine lines, and adds a tailored menswear edge to the collections. Couture has always been a cornerstone in the brand since the start 1982.

Tailoring and Couture

The background is design, tailoring, and couture.


Linda Carlén  places her production in Europe. The choice of factories are based on the CSR the factories can guarantee.  These guarantees should include criterias such as fair salaries , insurances, environmental respect etc.


The use of cotton is limited and is  beeing phased out. Cotton is replaced by fibers which are less demanding on the enviroment. The use of recycled fibres is encouraged. Linda Carlén is dedicated to and follow with great interst the development of new fibres. She encourge the growing options of reusing old garments.

Linda herself loves to spend as much time as possible by the sea and in the wild forrests of Sweden. She finds the old ledgends and fairytales from the Nordic countries intruiging. Linda loves the universe and illustrations by the swedish artist John Bauer in the fairytale collection ”Tomtar och Troll”

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